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Entry Requirements


​For entries to qualify for the MBGTA Records Book, Provincial Champion or any other awards the following criteria applies. All animals must meet the minimum score requirements, have been harvested in Manitoba under the authority of a legal Provincial Hunting license for that species in full compliance with the Manitoba Wildlife Act and/or similar statutes, scored by a member of the MBGTA and officially entered by December 31st of the year harvested. The hunter's license number must be recorded on the score sheet.

Entries which are, late, pick-up or those taken under the any other authority such as a Treaty Number or Métis Harvester Card are classified as “Book Only” and are eligible to receive a Certificate of Merit only.

​The Provincial Big Game Competition and Awards are open to residents of Manitoba only. Non-Resident hunters with qualifying entries will be acknowledged with a Certificate of Merit and listed in the Record Book. Hunters guided by valid registered members of the (MLOA) Manitoba Lodges & Outfitters Association are eligible for awards sponsored by them.

Entry Rules


​a)    All specimens are measured using the Boone & Crocket system of measuring big game animals.

​b)    Specimens scored by other qualified scorers, e.g. Boone & Crocket, Pope & Young etc., will be eligible for "Book Only" status unless verified by a MBGTA member before December 31st in the year it was harvested.

​c)    A Bronze Award and Certificate of Merit will be given to each hunter who satisfies the entry requirements.

​d)    A Silver Award will be given to any hunter who has qualified and received a Bronze Award for any three species.

​e)    A Gold Award will be given to any hunter who has qualified and received a Bronze Award for any five species.

​f)    Entries qualifying for "Book Only" status will receive a Certificate of Merit. "Book Only" entries do not qualify for Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

​g)    The top entry in each category annually will be acknowledged as the Provincial Champion and have his/her name engraved on the Trophy for that species.

​h)    As of January 1st 1990 any entrant in the MBGTA Record Book convicted under the Manitoba Wildlife Act or other resource statutes of Manitoba or other jurisdictions may have their name suspended from the records as deemed by the MBGTA Awards Committee.

Youth Hunter Award Program

​In 2000 the MBGTA introduced the Youth Hunting Awards Program in honor and memory of the late Ron Telesky. This program allows youths aged 12-17 to enter big game species taken by them into a separate category with lower set minimums. The top entry in each category will be declared the Provincial Youth Hunter Champion.

Award Minimum Scores​​​​

​​                                                   Adult      Youth

​Black Bear                                    19            17

Elk                                                345          200

​Non-Typical Elk                           360          225

​Barren Ground Caribou                310          250

Woodland Caribou                        280          250

Moose                                           180          100

​Typical Whitetail Deer                 160          100

​Non-Typical Whitetail Deer         180          125

Typical Mule Deer                        165          105

Non-Typical Mule Deer                185          130

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