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Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association

Serving the Hunting Community of Manitoba

​The Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association is a non-profit organization that serves the hunting community by scoring and maintaining a record book of the antlers and/or skulls for all the big game species in the province of Manitoba.


​Our members consist of fellow hunters and conservationists who volunteer their time and resources to individual hunters and/or clubs, throughout the province, that make a scoring request.


​Any individuals or clubs wishing to have the MBGTA provide scoring service are asked to contact our Scoring Chairman, Perry Snedden, at

History and Objectives

​​​The Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association (MBGTA), founded in 1969, is a group of dedicated conservationists who are hunters and non-hunters alike. The common ingredient is an intense interest in wildlife and securing its rightful place in the mosaic of different ecosystems present in Manitoba. One of the objectives is to score and record specimens of big game animals native to the province, taken by licensed hunters during the annual hunting seasons. Members of the MBGTA travel throughout the province, at their own expense, to score big game antlers and bear skulls at local competitions. Many take time to do likewise by having hunters bring their entries to their homes or by going to local taxidermy shops to score the entries before they are mounted. Those entries that meet the minimum requirements set by the MBGTA are entered according to rank in the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association  Record Book.


​The highlight every second year is the Big Game Banquet & Awards where all the entries qualifying  for the Record Book are acknowledged and the Provincial Champions for the year are declared. No entry fee is required.


Being a non-profit organization, the MBGTA has focused on fund raising projects since 1990. A portion of the funds raised are placed in the MBGTA Bursary Fund. Since 1993 a biennial bursary (minimum $1000) has been awarded to a deserving student(s) who are furthering his/her studies in various fields of wildlife conservation. This bursary is only one of many conservation activities promoted by the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association.


​In 1995 the MBGTA published the first limited edition of Records & Stories of Manitoba Big Game. The book was an overwhelming success and a complete sellout. The MBGTA record book committee proudly unveiled the (336 page) Special 35th Anniversary Edition in the fall of 2005. In 2019 a third limited edition book was published in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Manitoba Big Game Trophy Association. 

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